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Ford Wheel Alignment Service
in Louisville, KY

Maintaining Wheel Alignment

It becomes easy to notice when the alignment goes out on your vehicle. Your car may start pulling to the left or the right. You may notice a rougher ride, and steering wheel vibrations may occur. The steering wheel may be off-center, and you may discern other signs something is wrong with your car’s handling. It might be time for a wheel alignment inspection if you notice these symptoms.


Skilled technicians who perform many alignments will inspect your steering suspension in the front and rear of your car while looking at the toe, camber, and caster angles. After diagnosing alignment issues, technicians can correct your vehicle’s alignment with specialized equipment by making precise adjustments to wheel angles. Look for technicians who know your Ford Lincoln vehicle for the best service.

Routine Alignment Services

Every year, you should schedule a two-wheel or four-wheel alignment, depending on vehicle make and model. However, driving conditions and other factors may mean more alignments. Rough roads and heavy vehicle usage could be reasons for frequent wheel alignments. You should not neglect this service, no matter how often it is needed.


When you get a wheel alignment at Oxmoor Ford Lincoln, you get superior service and high-quality OEM components that fit your vehicle. Service technicians will adjust your car’s toe, camber, and caster. These adjustments affect the angle of the wheels and the steering and overall balance of the wheel. When they are correctly adjusted, you will notice a smoother driving experience.


Neglecting Your Vehicle’s Wheel Alignment

Putting off an alignment service of your vehicle can be hazardous in the long run. The tire may lose enough tread to lead to blowouts. Treadwear can affect steering as well. Misalignment can cause pulling that impairs drivability, and steering wheel vibrations can be uncomfortable and make driving less pleasurable. A wheel alignment is an inexpensive service that should be done as needed or once a year to maintain consistent performance.

Professional Ford Lincoln Services in Louisville

If you are scheduling your next wheel alignment in Louisville, KY, contact Oxmoor Ford Lincoln for the best service. We also serve Lyndon, St. Matthews, Jeffersontown, and Middletown, KY. Our professional team of Ford Lincoln certified automotive technicians are here to give you the best service possible. We have you covered if you need a two-wheel alignment or a four-wheel alignment. Stop in and make us your first stop for all your Ford Lincoln needs.


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